It is very important that all the formalities are handled with precaution before the patient arrives in India for the medical treatment. All these formalities are catered in our Pre-Arrival section.

We assist the patients in the whole process from visa application to arrival in India, Hospitals, accommodation and transport. To save time and the hardship of the patient, all the planning of the patient arrival is done beforehand.

We cater the patient with the following services:-

  • Patients can send their queries online
  • Once the patients’ query is resolved, Medical reports are retrieved from the patient.
  • Best hospital is chosen as per the specialization for the cure.
  • If the Patient is coming from foreign, we help with the visa process.
  • The patient is informed for the no of days stay in the hospital and follow up needed.
  • We cater the airlift services as well in case of emergencies.
  • Accommodation details are given to patient nearest to the Hospital to reduce the commute time.
  • Patients can decide their choice of time for the treatment and prepare the itinerary as per their choice.